Air-bag Vest System

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1.With the strength of nylon wire,The multilayer composite structure is vertically attached,
 Can withstand the pull of all directions without breaking,
2. Strong wear-resisting ,Adopt a jacquard fabric,With excellent abrasion resistance,
The tear resistance,Tough and durable,Good sense of hand, light weight,Soft, stable color, easy to care and so on
3. A new type of reflective reflective material that was introduced in 2005.
Using the technique of microprism regression reflection,The reflective intensity reaches 300cd/lx/m2


Package includes:

Air bag protective vest (air bottle and extension cord installation)
Multi-layer structure resistant to impact armor 1
Manual 1. Use the instruction card 2
The hexagon wrench and the top screw each


Brand Name: DUHAN
Material: 100% Nylon
Model Number: AIR01
Feature: Airbag
Gender: Men
Item Type: Jackets
Color: Black ,Green
Size 1: M, L, XL, XXL